Sunday, June 8, 2008

First post

Well I caved in and got this blog. I doubt anyone will read it, but at least I have a place to vent.

I'm glad I don't have to be at work till 11 tomorrow. It's nice having a break from the same old 8am-5pm everyday routine. Although I need to be working all the time with the way gas is going up. Saturday night I went shopping for a bike. I can ride a bike to work, it's fairly close. I could ride it to the grocery store even. My house is close to dollar general, so that's good.

I'm excited about this upcoming weekend. Coral and I are going to see the Hulk, and have a semi girls night type thing. The the next weekend I'm going to Texas to see Bryan. I miss him a lot : [ it's hard having a long distance relationship, but he'll be back in Monroe in August. "We'll make it work" as we always say haha.

Here's some pictures for all you nosy West Monroe ward people! : ] haha

I need to go cause the tater tot casserole is ready!!!


breanna said...

yea for your blog, and i'm the first comment ever! does that make me one of the nosy west monroe people?

little e said...

cute blog! cute pictures of a cute girl with a cute boy!! and our ward nosey? never! ha!