Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got to play softball tonight! It was fun. A girl from work invited me to fill in for a co-ed team in West Monroe. I hadn't played since the Summer after graduation. It was a nice stress reliever. I haven't really talked much about work but, there's just so much to be upset about there that sometimes I almost hate going. I love to work and earning money, but there's so much crap there that it almost makes it not worth it. One day I'm going to explain all of it just so you guys could understand how bad it is. But if it wasn't for a few people at work, I would have already quit. But tonight was fun to just get out and play ball! I will admit, it made me a little nostalgic, but it's okay. Maybe I could get on a regular playing co-ed team. Who knows?!

Just one more week till I get to see Bryan. I'm excited.

Things are kind of rough for me right now. I'm losing tons of friends, and kind of feeling a little left out since I'm in between crowds. Not in the youth, but not married with kids. And there are no single adults in my ward. So I don't really have many people at church, and the friends that I had outside of church would rather not see me I guess. The older we get, the further apart we grow because my life is different now. I haven't talked to some of my "friends" in weeks. Most of them, when I attempt to message them or text them, they ignore and don't reply. But I guess that's the price you pay. I never knew that getting back into church and trying to live the best life I can would turn away so many of my 'friends ". I thought they'd be happy for me. But oh well.

So I feel pretty lonely a lot, but Bryan helps out with that : ] he's such a sweetheart and knows how to make me feel better when I'm down. I can think of about 3 other people, other than my family, that I can go to always. Which is sad to me. But I love them with everything!

I should quit whining. A lot of people have it a lot worse. I think I'm just tired and blowing up my problems a little bit bigger than they are, so I'm gonna go get some sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Jessica! I'm glad that you started a blog-for the longest time, I thought your comment was from another Jessica!