Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Wow so apparently I suck at blogging. Hopefully I'll get better. I have tons of stuff to write about.

Let's see, I guess first I'll right about my trip to Texas. Bryan's parents are the sweetest people ever. And he has an adorable dog named Callie and a feisty cat named Monkey. I had so much fun there. I learned how to drive a standard and we went fishin and I caught a fish! If you go to my myspace you can see some pictures. I had so much fun there. They have beautiful land too.

The day I got back from Texas, my dad was in a car accident. And pretty much anybody that reads this didn't know about the accident. But, regardless.. my dad was in a car accident about three weeks ago and it's been a really rough three weeks for me and my family. He hit an 18-wheeler and hit his head REALLY hard. It's been a struggle for him and for us getting through all the complications of this. He doesn't have any permanent brain damage, but he definitely hit his head WAY too hard. So please keep our family in your prayers.

About a week and a half after the accident, Bryan surprised me with a surprise visit to Monroe. Which was really nice. I really wanted to see him. He brought me a rose and a small stuffed animal. He came in a cowboy kind of outfit, which is really sexy to me : ] even though he could only stay for a day, I was happy he came.

Also, I recently got offered a better position at work, and of course I took it, so that's good. And I got released from one of my callings, which I was pretty happy about.

Hmm.. I got a new e-mail address. It's very easy so.. E-MAIL ME!!

That's all I can think of for now.


little e said...

WHAT?! i had NO IDEA your dad had an accident! did he not really want anyone to know? man, your poor family! i feel bad i didn't even know. well, let us know if we can do sounds dumb saying that 3 weeks after the fact!

Teresa said...

I am so sorry, I know it's hard to adjust after a wreck. I will keep ya'll in our prayers.

Latest said...

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